Devil Fucking, Angel Loving

She drives me to the edge She looks so pure, her kisses tender, her hands gentle. It’s hard to believe this is the...
Rose MyErotica
5 min read

A Tale of Two Titties

My friend Gina just got her breasts enhanced to a beautiful 32 C. It may not sound like much, but she is...
3 min read

The Secret Visitor

An erotic game of “don’t scream” behind the checkout counter The scent of sex intermingled with the aroma of dusty old tomes and...
Helena Sigh
4 min read

Let’s Fuck Like The First Time

Play with my body like only you can My Photo, Burlesque Performer She’s the one in charge right now. I was willingly lured away from...
7 min read

My Wife Makes Me Wear A Bra and Panties…

I have seen my wife get fucked by real muscular, well-hung studs and it has been pretty awesome. The thing about cuckolding is that...
Colt Stevens
12 min read

More to Love: voluptuous threesome with a Dad Bod…

It’s like being the filling in a marshmallow sandwich, all soft sweetness and warm rolls of pillowy flesh — apart from the granite-hard cock...
Rose MyErotica
4 min read

Working for Black Dog

The secretary stepped out of the office and looked at the young white man in a blue suit and matching tie and...
Damien Dsoul
9 min read

Take It Slow

Teaching a girl how to eat pussy can be a challenge. It’s not always true that just because you both have similar...
3 min read

The Ideal Wife, Two Girlfriends, and Me

A companion piece for “Three Women and the Ideal Husband”, by James Neil Clarke I awoke rock hard next to Elle and kissed...
Elle Beau
6 min read

The Shoehorn

A Mrs. Bladedigger Tale Over breakfast, Mrs. Bladedigger said that she wanted to go to the mall in search of a new pair of...
Francis David
8 min read