The Darkroom

My girlfriend of four years and I got engaged recently, but I realized one night that I was about to truly get...
Furious Skuggs
4 min read

He’s Here!

I called into the bathroom. “He’s here. Are you ready, honey?” “Almost,” she said. “Just give him a glass of champagne or something....
Colt Stevens
8 min read

Confession Night, part two

Jeremy sat upright as Ron approached them. He stood up from the sofa when Ron stopped in front of Alice with both hands poised...
Damien Dsoul
6 min read

Confession Night

Alice pushed her way past the revolving doors of the building and stopped when she heard a buzzing noise coming from inside her handbag....
Damien Dsoul
8 min read

My Secret Pleasure

“Drop me here,” I told the cab driver. He frowned, staring at me though the rear-view mirror as he came to a stop...
5 min read

Breaking my Master’s rules

 The thrill of disobedience. Podcast written by Jaiden MyErotica, read by Bitsy la Bourbon. I am a slave to my man’s...
Jaiden MyErotica
2 min read

Master Shango and his Women

Black Master Olu Shango had finished his lunch nearly an hour ago and right now he was having his dessert. Dessert, however, consisted of...
Damien Dsoul
13 min read

The Dentist

photo: Ani Kolleshi on Unsplash I was the last appointment. She was doing a root canal on me, and was waiting for the numbness to...
Colt Stevens
11 min read

Fuck Me Up Against Your Car

photo: William Stitt on Unsplash Spread my legs and give me your repercussions His mouth always tastes like home. Something I’m inherently drawn to and...
3 min read

The Tennis Pro

He stood behind me, put his hands on mine, and gently pointed them down toward the ground. “You want to drop the racket down like...
Colt Stevens
12 min read