Mingling with Christians

Who knew I’d have such a wild time? Along with my many other endeavors, I’ve had a relationship with telemarketing for as long...
4 min read


I yearn for this. Sometimes, when the light is lowwhen a certain mood, like a play of glow and shadowfills the room.Then, each...
Bernadette Joy
1 min read

A Husband’s Sexual Inadequacy

Embracing the Cuckold Lifestyle Most husbands can’t deny the voyeuristic urgency that captivates them towards watching their wives enjoy having sex with...
Damien Dsoul
2 min read

A Happy Hour Fuck

Can we finish before we get caught? It’s a crowded after work bar and my girlfriend is sitting next to me. We’re both...
Guy New York
1 min read


I woke up ten minutes before the knock on the door, with a rock-hard cock and an urge for pussy. During that...
London Eyes
4 min read

A Lesson I’ll Never Forget

I’m not built like other women, she told me nervously… Halima and I got acquainted in class just last month and joined...
6 min read

My Kitten

Christina Stevens confesses her Sapphic love affair Her name was Caterina, and she was about four foot ten inches tall and super cute....
Colt Stevens
8 min read

Night Train from Rome

Night Train From Rome “We promised ourselves we’d fuck on a train at least once on this trip…” The night train from Rome clatters...
C. J. Labrousse
11 min read

Have You Ever Just Wanted…

 Have you ever just wanted to fuck someone’s mouth?Like, no talking, no kissing, no foreplay.None of that.Just something warm, and soft,...
The Wind-Up Boy
1 min read

Your Hand, My Ass

I love a good spanking. Does that make me a bad feminist? Just imagine the slap of skin on skin, your firm...
Rose MyErotica
4 min read