The Leather Man

 We were spending the summer in a quaint New England town, because we were sick of LA. Our summer house was...
Colt Stevens
9 min read

Watching From a Distance

Watching from a Distance On the job training was never like this before. She was already on the elevator when I entered. A stunningly...
Violet Debut
12 min read

Cheek to Cheek, Pussy to Pussy

photo: VivThomas Her hips move with mine, so close I feel the plump pressure of her pussy like a kiss against my own. Each...
Rose MyErotica
4 min read

La Sagrada Familia

He unlocked the door to his place and laced his fingers in mine as he drew me inside and I suddenly found...
4 min read

Her Scene Partner

Gavin was glad that his girlfriend Ciara had signed up for an acting class, after taking a two-year break from pursuing acting....
Colt Stevens
7 min read

That Second Rush~

There are times whenthe passion between us is so thick our oxygen cries out to be rescuedYet defiantly we hold our breath...
Anthony Cloe Huie
9 sec read

Innocent Intentions 2

This week marked the 20th anniversary premiere of the movie Cruel Intentions. It dawned on me just how long it had been...
8 min read

Suds and Sex

The sounds of slow jazz fill the room as I look out over the frozen landscape that surrounds Lake Superior. The sun...
2 min read

Hot Tetris

Passionate vignettes from a party James and I have spent time with other couples before, but this was a whole new game entirely — and...
Elle Beau
3 min read

The Wrong Room

A Voyeur’s Story I am a frequent flyer, a road warrior — whatever the name is for we business travelers who spend more time in...
JJ Loverling
5 min read