Freedom To Choose

Her arse perched on the console table and her feet balanced on the window sill. The seconds stretched out ahead of her. Her...
E. L. Mcauley
3 min read

Grande Pike with a Side of Orgasm

Will that complete your Starbucks order? “Grande Pike with a half pump of caramel and room for half and half?” Damn, he remembered....
5 min read

You Make Me Wet~!

At times when your tongue touches mine, Instantly, I’m WETAt times when your hand touches mineInstantly,I SWEAT At times you need only...
Anthony Cloe Huie
21 sec read


Chapter three: Breaking down Miranda’s walls It could have gone on forever. I could have lived, right there, in that contact. The...
The Wind-Up Boy
10 min read

The Leather Man — Part Two

 The Leather Man — Part Two He makes her squirt I woke up on the couch back at the Cranberry Lake house. Lexy told me...
Colt Stevens
7 min read

My Nipples

The Erogenous Zone If only he would. Wait for it. I am getting desperate. “Please take me,” my thoughts begged. It was our...
JJ Loverling
4 min read

A Short Dress On Our Anniversary

I bought you a black dress that was almost perfect. It had no sleeves, zipped up the front, and was tight and sleek....
3 min read


 She’s the most spectacular woman I’ve ever seen “You’ve volunteered me?” I say. “On my day off?” “I have,” Kirsty replies. She’s grinning...
C. J. Labrousse
10 min read

Whatever My Wife Wants

Part two: How it happened It was another Saturday. I ought to have taken my clubs and gone golfing, but instead I’d opted to stay...
Damien Dsoul
5 min read

Video Vixens

photo: Stan Shillingburg The first time I met Kristy, I was making a music video for my song at a beach house off the...
3 min read