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Kiss me

In a dream you come to me.And in the way of dreamsit is me and notmyself perhaps in a stranger’s form.“Take me,” you say....
Bernadette Joy
59 sec read

Karaoke Queen: hitting the high notes

I’ve watched Isla eat pussy, and been on the receiving end too, so I know what a hot fuck she is; but even I...
Rose MyErotica Rose MyErotica
6 min read

Parlez Vous Fuck You?

Photo credit Oui. And that is the extent of my conversational French, although I can sing along to Lady Marmalade. However that doesn’t count,...
ID Clare
12 min read

Shift Change

I pull back the soft and worn, cotton sheets. I slide in slow, switch off the dim lamp and close my eyes… I can...
Violet Storm
2 min read

Threads: a story of distances

I feel the vastness of the handlike I move my hands to and from the sunor the moon to fit it right across the...
Arihant Verma
41 sec read

Black Negligee, part one

Jimi’s POV “Honey, what do you think?” I lowered the newspaper I was reading and thought I heard my jaw drop on my lap when...
Damien Dsoul
7 min read

Dressed or undressed?

“If you don’t help me choose, I’ll just have to go naked. Imagine how people will stare…” “Go naked. Honestly I don’t care. But then...
Rose MyErotica Rose MyErotica
3 min read

Bella: a tale of love and loss

The first time Bella came it had been snowing for hours. Caroline was soaking in a hot bath. James was away at a medical...
14 min read

Do Me Like A Drug

I’ve been fascinated with drugs since I was a little girl. I suppose curiosity will build the more you observe and refrain from participation....
Ally Snow
3 min read

Thinking Off

Just when you think you know your own body, spontaneous orgasms happen… This all started as a freak occurrence from an extra arduous afternoon. On...
2 min read