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Surprise, An Erotic Story

It was a sunny day in early April. My work appointment for the afternoon had been cancelled and I found myself home with nothing...
Pua Nani
3 min read

Make Out Meditation

Her breaths of pleasure fell on the sidesof my neck, she turned waywardly andthe breath, warm as red, brushed my nape.I shock-waved my body...
Arihant Verma
54 sec read

Sex-laden coffee

I picture her in the throes of orgasm. She is a prolific writer of erotic stories on Medium. And she is mercurial. If she...
Max Skinner
3 min read

That Time I Had An Orgasm at a Nail…

I am a normal person. I get up every day at 7:00 am and go to work at a respectable organization. I have a...
Ally Snow
3 min read

After the Bull Leaves

I wake up with a start. The room is dark and silent. The silence is broken by noise coming from the master bedroom. What...
Damien Dsoul
3 min read


Come in. Don’t talk to me. Don’t say a word. Just strip me down and take me. To say I had a bad day...
1 min read

My gay boyfriend lets me watch before he fucks…

I swear the universe conspires to encourage my bad behavior. I was on a coffee date with a sweet guy who was boring me...
Rose MyErotica Rose MyErotica
9 min read


I am a demon renewed; vanquished, exiled into this place I do not know. My armor is broken, each plate shattered and coiled. I...
3 min read

Masked: meeting the Mistress… face covered, pussy exposed

A masked ball, my first. No ordinary ball either, but a gathering of free spirits with carte blanche to give in to their wildest...
Rose MyErotica Rose MyErotica
2 min read

Anna loves a party

Anna slapped the last bit of tape on the last gift and sat back, sighing happily. She was surrounded by bright metallic wrapping paper — gold,...
8 min read