Homecoming surprise

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Be careful when you come home early unannounced. There’s no telling what you will find…

I left work a little early that day, but didn’t think to call my wife and tell her. It was around 3pm when I turned the corner onto my street. I thought my wife would be surprised to see me. She had the day off work, and I wondered what she might be doing.

I pulled into the driveway, and happened to notice a strange car parked on the street. It looked like the car of a friend of ours, a guy who we had known for a year or so. My wife’s car was parked in front of his, also on the street, meaning she had been out today at some point.

I walked up to the front door and found it was unlocked. That was a little unusual. It was also unusual to see a jacket lying across one of the chairs in the living room. I didn’t recognize it; it looked like a man’s jacket.

I called out to my wife, but got no answer. That was strange too, so I started walking through the house, wondering where she could be. I heard an unusual noise coming from the back of the house. I wasn’t sure what it was, but it seemed to be coming from the direction of the back bedroom. I called out again to my wife, but still got no answer.

As I approached the bedroom I saw the door was slightly open, and I could hear that unmistakable sound of a bed creaking rhythmically. The sound of two people having sex.

I felt hot suddenly. I started breathing hard, and my heart was pumping fast. The realization hit me that someone was having sex in our back bedroom. I felt an even more tremendous adrenaline rush when it dawned on me that it was very likely my wife and the guy who owned the car parked out front.

I had suspected as much. They had seemed awfully friendly recently.

I approached the bedroom door slowly. All doubt as to who it was disappeared as my wife let out a loud moan, the sound she makes when she has an orgasm. It is a sound I have heard before, but usually I am the one who has made it happen. The idea of someone else giving her that feeling shot through my veins like boiling water.

The sound of the creaking bed got faster as I approached the door. It was picking up speed as I opened the door just a bit wider and peered inside.

A large man, at least twice her size, was on top of my sweet wife. Her legs and arms wrapped around him in a rapturous embrace. His mouth was on hers and he covered her almost completely. His hips rose and fell as he was thrusting hard into her. And the thrusts got faster and faster.

Suddenly he let out a moan of his own and his hips pushed desperately hard against her body. He raised his head and moaned loudly, obviously spurting his semen deep into her body. He pulled out slightly and slammed into her twice more, yelling as he came inside her.

He collapsed on top of her, covering her completely. For what seemed like a long time but was just a few seconds, I thought I would faint. My heart was pumping fast, full of adrenaline, and my dick was so hard I thought I would come myself at any second.

There was also a strain of humiliation though, realizing that my sweet wife was having sex with another man. That someone else had just ejaculated inside her body. That she had an orgasm with him.

Eventually she did look up. She was a little surprised to see me, but was still covered by a man twice her size who was barely conscious, basking in post orgasmic bliss.

She smiled.

“I think he is done. Do you want to be next?” she asked, as her face took on that wicked grin that I love so much.

“Sure baby,” I said as I started to undress.

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