Erotic Squirting For Pleasure

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How I became a female squirter

I’ve been having sex for a long time… and I’d never squirted.

Yeah, I made the bed wet and juicy — but there was no projectile squirt.

As a teenager, I read a book of erotic lesbian stories, about women squirting into each other's mouths.

In the story, it was pee. But peeing during sex wasn’t something I wanted to do. Certainly not into someone’s mouth.

But the idea of squirting still intrigued me.

In my thirties, I was fortunate to pair with a partner who can have sex for hours.

Not just a couple of hours, like one of my friends once bragged to me about her partner (they wanted me for a threesome).

No, he can have sex for six or eight hours.

This may sound crazy to you, if you’ve only had a regular guy, but it’s because he channels his orgasms into energetic orgasms — so he can orgasm all night and never lose his erection.

In the past, it was always my partner who gave out first. Now, I am the one who has to say — no more! There’s only so much one pussy can take! And he will lie in the bed next to me masturbating for another few hours until morning.

My partner trained with David Deida and others and has been able to help me have all kinds of new orgasms — including squirting ones.

The squirts started out small.

When he would thrust into my g-spot for hours on end, my tissues would get very engorged. Then, liquid would start coming out during sex.

Squirt doesn’t smell like pee, although it can. It is often thicker than pee and syrupy and smells more like musk.

My partner enjoyed my little squirts so much that he wanted to make me do it more. And I did too.

I don’t actually watch porn; however, one day I was inspired, and found a beautiful video of a woman being thrust into by a sex machine.

She enjoyed it so much, and it was going on so long, her orgasm wasn’t anything like I’d seen before.

It was a squirting kind of orgasm, the kind that caused Noah’s flood.

There she is on the video, squirting with each thrust in ecstasy, and the squirts go to the other side of the room with each orgasmic pulse. Like a hose turned on.

At the end of the video, there are literally puddles of squirt on the floor that she can slap her feet into and splash.

Seeing that video opened up a whole new possibility for me of orgasmic pleasure. What if it’s not just men who can squirt like that but women too?

When I squirt, it’s because I feel totally relaxed, without any pelvic tension, and in a state of open receiving whatever the divine masculine in my partner is called to do to me.

I let go of shame about what comes out of me and what I feel during sex.

When we met in hotel rooms, he would thrust into me for hours, and a new thing happened — my insides would totally swell and drop down to meet his penis.

Rather than ballooning out inside from arousal, when my body wants to squirt it’s almost as if my insides turn inside-out and want to exit my body to wrap his member.

He calls the experience my “hyper-vagina” and whereas normally at other times he can go for hours without a physical orgasm, he says the experience of this vagina is so intense it makes him need to orgasm physically then and there and he has to pull out of me.

This can get a little frustrating for me, especially after I’ve been used to him being able to last for so long. Sometimes we manage to make it all work and can keep going.

I will start having full-body orgasms, and I will literally start ejaculating out of my urethra with each orgasmic pulse.

It doesn’t feel like peeing. It’s an orgasm in the urethra that connects to an orgasm in the g-spot and clitoris. It’s a spasm that ejaculates the liquid — which is why it’s called a squirt.

When I first started doing this, and we’d soak the whole hotel bed, we’d laugh about it.

Now, I’ll start having orgasmy squirts as soon as he is thrusting into me.

I sometimes squirt just thinking about sex.

I became I little self-conscious though and started laying down towels under the sheet before we have sex. That has stopped me squirting so much because already I am thinking about containing myself.

Next time, I won’t worry about the towels!

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