Hot Tetris

Passionate vignettes from a party James and I have spent time with other couples before, but this was a whole new game entirely — and...
Elle Beau
3 min read

The Wrong Room

A Voyeur’s Story I am a frequent flyer, a road warrior — whatever the name is for we business travelers who spend more time in...
JJ Loverling
5 min read

Feed Me: The Climax

 I opened my mouth and waited, lips trembling. I heard the soft whisper of his hand on his cock, his breath...
Aqua of Verse50
4 min read

I Don’t Know What Came Over Me

Christina Stevens takes charge in the bedroom We are having a very nice evening, and it seems that it is going to end...
Colt Stevens
2 min read

I’m Fragile…

Sometimes I need to be held. Face to face is okay but I like it best from behind. Whether from the strong...
2 min read

Yours In Submission

The power of seeing a submissive on her knees can make the most powerful man surrender as well. Photo: Matheus Bertelli on Pexels “What are...
Alma Awakened
6 min read

Hand Grabbin’

Part one: sex with my lover while my husband keeps watch “Okay, honey. Get closer to him . . . closer. Okay, that’s better. Now, smile.” My darling husband...
Damien Dsoul
5 min read

Eve’s Playthings

“Don’t just stand there! Come and fuck me!” First day back in Newport Beach for spring break and we were going to collect...
C. J. Labrousse
9 min read

Almost Enough

She hadn’t been fucked like a woman since Vassar. She also knew he wasn’t ever going to do it. They had been together...
Guy New York
1 min read

Cheering For Cock

“Do you like how I suck it, Coach?” He tugs on my pigtails like reins as he fucks me from behind, forcefully enough...
Rose MyErotica
6 min read