A night of firsts Left: Alexander Krivitskiy / Right: Emiliano Vittoriosi both via Unsplash Floored, she fights her way out of the booming whirlpool of black-clad...
Ena Dahl
3 min read

2.0 (How I reached ‘next level’)

Moving on from vanilla monogamy. Collage and images by the author (Originally written as a response to the storytelling competition Smut Slam Berlin’s prompt ‘Next...
Ena Dahl
3 min read

Hotwife Talking Here

A slutwife’s midnight confession This is me talking here. Once I get done typing out these words, everything is going straight to the internet....
Damien Dsoul
3 min read

I just can’t wait for your cock…

 Clandestine cravings. Podcast written by Rose MyErotica, read by Lora Vestaloyne You told me to meet you here at lunchtime,...
Rose MyErotica
3 min read

Rug Burns

“Oh my God! What happened to your back?” I turn around to answer the naked woman sharing the shower with me, but the...
4 min read

French Lessons

They decided to visit me in my home near the French Alps. She wanted to refresh her French, to prepare for her...
21st Century Loving
5 min read

3 plus me

@erotic.watercolor So there’s a man from another country I met some years back. Whenever he’s in town he likes to take me out. We...
8 min read

Let’s try something new tonight, darling?

 This is what I asked when I told him I’d been fantasizing about pain all my life — that I got off on...
3 min read

From Depressed to Undressed

All the way from Dark to Light… Undressed, in the Middle of the Night source I was drowning in the weight of my own heavy...
Fierce Force
5 min read

My Sex Therapy: The Side Piece

Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash Some call you my side piece. I call you my sex therapy. You know how to make everything alright....
Marley K.
3 min read