A bite to eat…

I can’t take it anymore. I need to taste him. To know how his mouth feels against mine. To taste his salty breath with...
4 min read

Discount Dick

In private eye fiction, there are always so many babes throwing pussy at the protagonist that he has to carry an umbrella. It ain’t...
J.O. Manning
11 min read

Make Out Meditation

Her breaths of pleasure fell on the sidesof my neck, she turned waywardly andthe breath, warm as red, brushed my nape.I shock-waved my body...
Arihant Verma
54 sec read

Lavish Luxuries for Lunch

Art By Samarel It was noon, sun blazing and the cab ride seemed endless. The day was beating like it was repeating cycles, but it...
Casey Elizabeth McDonald
3 min read