Watching his Wife Dance with Another Man

There in the shadows, a husband’s throat is throbbing Hal can’t dance since the motorcycle injury. He’s got pins in his legs...
Colt Stevens
9 min read

Getting Wet

While waiting The sound of the water filling the tub triggers my relaxation. I haven’t even put a toe in yet. But...
Melody Moons
1 min read


Can come in many forms. Sex. Alcohol. Sugar. While severity of the illness can vary, sometimes you are lucky enough to self diagnose....
Ally Snow
2 min read

Sparks From the Past

I remember the first time I masturbated in front of him. It was over webcam; this was pre-FaceTime. I was nervous, fumbling — at...
Eli West
6 min read


Photo: asim alnamat from Pexels Dedicated to our beloved editor. Dearest Rose MyErotica, I wanted to take a few moments to thank you for everything that...
1 min read

Naughty Schoolgirl and Her Daddy

It was the week before Valentine’s Day. Lo and I had planned a mini-vacation weekend to ski country. I had booked us...
Lola Down
8 min read

Romancing the Self

Self Love is Self Care on V-Day and Beyond Ah, Valentine’s Day. It’s that magical time of year again — romance is blossoming in the...
Allison Leigh
2 min read

After Hours

My lustful craving for my coworker Tall, dark and handsome. So cliché, but so fucking true in his case. Fortunately for me and my...
Chelsea Rose
2 min read

Not Sure

“I’m not sure if this is a good idea.” His voice was barely a whisper, drowned out by the droning of the train....
Sam Talin
8 min read

Go ahead, touch my wife’s pussy

A generous man shares his lovely wife Go ahead, kiss her. Look at the way she’s smiling at you, fixing her eyes on...
Colt Stevens
6 min read