Young Stud Wanted

Mrs. Robinson needs help. Are you in? “Hey, mom. Sorry, I can’t help you move. But you will be in good hands, I...
Adriana M
3 min read


Part 33: Dreams I had barely sat down in Elaine’s waiting room, when her secretary offered me a cup of coffee. After a...
Tabitha Lowndes
7 min read

Dinner and a Lap Dance

She was the third or fourth dancer we watched that night. We were sitting a few chairs back from the main stage...
Eli West
7 min read

There’s a Husband Hiding in the Wardrobe

While a wife and her lover enjoy themselves on the bed It was so much fun advising my wife Jennifer how to proceed...
Colt Stevens
13 min read


Part 32: Oxytocin We were in bed, watching TV, with Elaine’s head resting on my breast and our arms around each other. It...
Tabitha Lowndes
4 min read

Mississippi Seeks Anti-Obscenity “Commission of Southern States”

Adult film is no stranger to attempted censorship, but some attempts are markedly stranger than others. Most recently, a house committee in...
Allison Leigh
1 min read


Part 31: Corridor creeping ‘If you don’t mind me asking, what did your ex-husband do, Elaine?’ asked Sue. ‘He was an academic plastic surgeon,...
Tabitha Lowndes
7 min read

Welcome to the 5 A.M. Erotic Theater of my…

When past sexual moments are buzzing, I slowly awaken and know the sun is about to rise. When it’s completely quiet, and I’m...
G. Charles
3 min read

The Partition

“How could you do that?” the woman asked, settling her silver silk gown into the backseat after her. “Was I not supposed to...
Asa Erotica
2 min read

Your Righteous Skin

I want your eyes to be open, my cloud to beFree and gone over the horizonSo I can kiss your righteous skin....
Francis David
22 sec read