The Woman I Hate

They say the higher the high, the lower the low; and all the time her emotions became more extreme. “Where are you going!”...
Asa Erotica
3 min read

Fire Down Below

 A firefighter poses for a hot and heavy photoshoot. “To be desired, you must show desire.” Her voice, low and a bit...
Adriana M
4 min read

The Annual Gala

Spit dripping from his fingers, Tom’s hand feels familiar under my dress; his forefinger pulling my panties to one side with surgical...
Eli West
6 min read

Short ‘n Sweet

Some days I want to forget about the rosesforget about the wineSkipping the candlelight and dineSome days I find myselfin this very...
Anthony Cloe Huie
9 sec read


Part 35: Full Circle It took me a while to mull over what Elaine had revealed to me, and a great deal of...
Tabitha Lowndes
5 min read

The First Time

Steve is finally a cuckold! I met Steve for coffee the day after it happened. He was in a real mood. So high....
Colt Stevens
8 min read

The Debt

Her delicious body was payment in full… It was much brighter than I expected. But then again, I had only seen bars like...
Chelsea Rose
7 min read

The Quarantine vs. Your Affair

Because it really is a versus. All I want is to fuck mindlessly. All I want is to take my body and throw...
Ally Snow
2 min read


Part 34: The Last Frontier The smell of bacon and coffee woke me, and after pulling on one of Elaine’s nighties, I stumbled...
Tabitha Lowndes
12 min read

Breaking Him Down

A sequel to Breaking Him In Read the first part of the story here: Breaking Him In Trees blurred past and Nyx sucked their...
Sadista Sharp
8 min read