Pale Blue

Inspired by the brilliance of Carl Sagan It is rare for me to raise my eyes and not be disappointed. From this mortal coil I see...
ID Clare
2 min read

The Secret of Sexual Spontaneity

The secret to sexual spontaneity is… careful planning. There’s a pernicious myth about sex. That it “just happens.” That everyone’s up for sex, all...
Spanking Theatre
2 min read

Creating Poetry With Masturbation

Men dreamed of reaching the soul of her command center. Women closed their eyes, their bodies buckling with yearning. But only she herself, her inner goddess, her...
Fierce Force
50 sec read

That time we became porn stars

One I’m watching Tabios take off my pants. She kneels down in front of me and grabs the top of my zipper. She undoes the...
7 min read

Wine Tasting

It was a slow day. A few customers, no one of particular interest. The hands of the clock seemed static. Dressed for success, she...
Lubricious Mac
12 min read

Dilemma of an Erotico

pansexual edition. source Not a pheromoned cakewalk to write an eroticathe pen holder must have strong self control,must not give in to her own...
37 sec read

Filling in a sandwich

When we embarked On Noah’s ArkWe went in two by two Two made a pairMore was unfairIt’s called being untrue Or so they sayBut there’s...
Tyrone Graham
40 sec read

Coffee and my clit’s fresh hot cream

Morning’s arrived. I stand in the kitchen waiting for the coffee to finish brewing when the thought of your mouth spreading between my legs...
Vienna De Vega
1 min read

Why do you like spanking?

“Why do you like spanking?” she asked. I paused, and held her gaze. A pithy, flippant answer already beginning to coalesce in my mind. But in...
Spanking Theatre
3 min read

Election Day

I always vote. When duty calls, I never decline. But how naughty it felt to cross the threshold of the polling station, smuggling such a sordid...
Spanking Theatre
2 min read