Can come in many forms. Sex. Alcohol. Sugar. While severity of the illness can vary, sometimes you are lucky enough to self diagnose....
Ally Snow
2 min read

Romancing the Self

Self Love is Self Care on V-Day and Beyond Ah, Valentine’s Day. It’s that magical time of year again — romance is blossoming in the...
Allison Leigh
2 min read

So you like being degraded during sex?

And other things not to be ashamed of. Enjoy getting fisted in the ass? Watersports? Missionary? Pssst, here’s a secret that Hollywood doesn’t...
Chelsea Rose
1 min read

The Silent Retreat

 I arrived at the retreat after driving for twice as long as I had expected. My car was old and did...
Alma Awakened
3 min read

Without A Single Touch

Orgasm with the mind Silky sheets caress and blend with the heat of my skin.I lie still, arising heat. Breath slows down, yet deepens...
Alma Awakened
56 sec read