Source Baby you were minenow you belong to anotheryou may be the perfect loverbut a loyal one nevergo have your funbut at the climax...
Tasneem Kagalwalla
12 sec read

Caramel D’Lites

A simple love letter to mi hombre guapo, re-capping our epic weekend. the “Latino Lover”, used with permission It’s been too long. Eight weeks of...
Fierce Force
8 min read

Bye Sweetie

I love a good party. I love to look in my closet filled with beautiful outfits of black and red and cream, so pretty...
ID Clare
6 min read

Gigi and Dali were lovers: coated

"Okay. I need you to lie on your back, spread yourself like an eagle, and stay very still." I do as Gigi instructs and watch...
ID Clare
9 min read

Always good

Alwaysgood, it’s better all waysand every way: sixty-four posturesplus what’s not in the book — but bestwith you — any way —
Tyrone Graham
4 sec read

Fuck me do

By Viliman Viliman Maya stared at the glistening cool object at the verge of her hot wet pussy, wondering how she’d ended up doing this....
Max Skinner
5 min read

Parlez Vous Fuck You?

Photo credit Oui. And that is the extent of my conversational French, although I can sing along to Lady Marmalade. However that doesn’t count,...
ID Clare
12 min read

Shift Change

I pull back the soft and worn, cotton sheets. I slide in slow, switch off the dim lamp and close my eyes… I can...
Violet Storm
2 min read

Threads: a story of distances

I feel the vastness of the handlike I move my hands to and from the sunor the moon to fit it right across the...
Arihant Verma
41 sec read

Met her in the morning, fucked her in the…

She is the only woman I've ever slept with, the only woman I've ever brought to orgasm besides myself, the only woman I've ever felt...
ID Clare
16 min read