Year End Finale

Before We Packed Up, We Packed In Last night, we had some fucking fantastic last minute sex. It was almost time to go. We knew that...
Fierce Force
4 min read

A Mile-High Lesson in Suspense

“Let’s see if we can’t get someone to switch out their seat,” Jake says charmingly as we board the plane. This from-somewhere-in-Europe heartbreaker — whom I’ve...
Queen Autumn
12 min read

A String of Pearls

Part One: By the Pool Petite, red hair, cheeky attitude and a free spirit! What could be finer? Adam Don’t forget my green eyes, which...
Bernadette Joy
5 min read

Welcome back, baby

He opens the door naked to my knock, towel drying himself off from a shower, his moist tan skin luminous in the soft light....
Vienna De Vega
3 min read

Creep: my stolen panties

They were alone in my flat getting nasty on my bed. Rubbing my satin panties all over their dicks as they frotted, they came...
Between The Lines
7 min read

Just once, make love to me

I know we cannot be But make love to me Just once. I cannot make love to you. Body language over wordsI’m afraidthe honesty would be...
Tasneem Kagalwalla
21 sec read

Naughty and Nice

sugarplums and spankings I will be a gift to you, one of sheer pleasure and delight. I will leave my door open for you like I always do,...
Pua Nani
31 sec read

Express Lunch

The house is his for a few days. His choice of food. His choice of music. His choice of company. The only day that...
Lubricious Mac
7 min read

The Sex Tape

Hanging in our favorite haunt. It’s a grey, gloomy Tuesday and we’re hiding from life. Staring at her phone, she looks up. Looks at me....
3 min read

Fire in the hole. Redheads’ secrets exposed.

Spencer Selover via Have you noticed there’s a redheaded revolution taking place? That the frisson of red has become the new blonde, be...
Vienna De Vega
2 min read