Divine Dinner

Artist: Cas.Eyez I was in a retro luxurious cowboy bar. The light was dim illuminating the crowded surface of faces. The air was musty...
Casey Elizabeth McDonald
4 min read

Hotwife Vixen: An Origin Story

Prologue — hotel suite, now, 7:22 pm The stockings aren’t going to work. I shift my pose and glance at the full-length mirror. I do...
Robert George
12 min read

Sex on the Beach

The revolving doors of a solitary changing cabin reminded me of an entrance to a bar in an old western. A full...
21st Century Loving
2 min read

Meeting Minutes

I should have known better than to accept the conference call this early. Bunny has a flight to catch this morning, but...
21st Century Loving
3 min read

The Best Sext of My Life

I’m too tired to read anymore. I place the bookmark between the pages and lay my book down on the nightstand. I...
Robert George
3 min read


It is as hot and dry as it gets in Provence. Surrounded by rosemary and thyme, the laundry line drawn between two...
21st Century Loving
1 min read

Three Hearts

Passion and lust, tripled… Tori I walk into the living room of the Hamptons glasshouse and roll my eyes at the pieces of...
Adriana M
4 min read

The Dance

There was nothing Carla enjoyed more than dancing with Juan. Well, almost nothing. As the song was finishing, bringing that evening’s practice...
Sorcha Rowan
1 min read

Makeup Sex Worth Fighting For

We always laughed that sex might as well be the punctuation of an argument, how, “the G-spot was easier to find than words.”...
Asa Erotica
4 min read

Her demon fortress~

As she emerged from the shower she imagined herself emerging from the waterfall Nature’s tears having washed her sins away Absolution is...
Anthony Cloe Huie
29 sec read