Let me fuck your saxophone, I said. I was kidding. Sort of. It was just something I said on the spur of the moment....
Cissy Saint-Denis
3 min read

A Mile-High Lesson in Suspense

“Let’s see if we can’t get someone to switch out their seat,” Jake says charmingly as we board the plane. This from-somewhere-in-Europe heartbreaker — whom I’ve...
Queen Autumn
12 min read

A String of Pearls

Part One: By the Pool Petite, red hair, cheeky attitude and a free spirit! What could be finer? Adam Don’t forget my green eyes, which...
Bernadette Joy
5 min read

Elevator Music

Be Careful What You Dream. Sometimes the Ice Cream Truck Stops. She reached for Jeremy’s zipper and yanked it down. He shot back to a...
Cissy Saint-Denis
2 min read

Express Lunch

The house is his for a few days. His choice of food. His choice of music. His choice of company. The only day that...
Lubricious Mac
7 min read

Fire in the hole. Redheads’ secrets exposed.

Spencer Selover via Have you noticed there’s a redheaded revolution taking place? That the frisson of red has become the new blonde, be...
Vienna De Vega
2 min read

Tuxedo Princess

Tuxedo trousers bursting at eye level. This was the best seat in the house. Exactly where she wanted to be… Her red satin backless dress...
Between The Lines
6 min read

Crowd Surfing, part one

PostImage Tonight I tell Richard no stories, I tell him not one little lie, I never blow a kiss on the wind, and I never say goodbye. Tonight...
ID Clare
8 min read

Bye Sweetie

I love a good party. I love to look in my closet filled with beautiful outfits of black and red and cream, so pretty...
ID Clare
6 min read

Shopgirl Confessions

The chime on the door rang and I looked up from the pile of donated furs I was sorting. Summer is a quiet time...
Violet Storm
6 min read