I could feel the vibration from the bass beneath my feet. The rooftop was a welcome escape from the crowded club, which was hot...
Kim Taylor
3 min read

A Clash of Thunder, The Meeting of Worlds

Art by Isabella Chen A Clash of Thunder, the Meeting of Worlds An alternate history where Alexander the Great comes to clash with the Oriental warrior...
Isabella Chen
8 min read

Game Night

(Deviant Art) Come on, she says. Just this once. At least think about it, OK? You’re always asking me to do stuff and most...
Cissy Saint-Denis
6 min read

Discount Dick

In private eye fiction, there are always so many babes throwing pussy at the protagonist that he has to carry an umbrella. It ain’t...
J.O. Manning
11 min read

Crowd Surfing, part two

Image Source Warm-Up Act #2 I come to the end of my walk of shamelessness and stop quietly in front of the pair Scott had...
ID Clare
5 min read

The Sweetest Tear

Pamela has been planning this trip for a long time and is excited about finally going. She just tells her boyfriend she needs some...
Cissy Saint-Denis
2 min read

The End to an Era

Secrets and desires recalled… Art by Isabella Chen The simple passing of one day into the next had become the event of the century, filled...
Isabella Chen
12 min read

Friends of a Very Small Circle

They had found their spark again. Champion was a special breed Taylor answered the door after a decent interval but her enthusiasm was etched all...
Cissy Saint-Denis
3 min read

The Great Tijuana Tongue Bath

We were like twisted Siamese twins joined at the libido. I’ll tell you how I met her. It’s complicated. When I crossed the border into Mexico...
J.O. Manning
17 min read

Salome’s Dressing Room

He entered her dressing room unannounced, the beautiful stranger with deep set eyes and dark hair. She had seen him sitting in the front...
Isabella Chen
3 min read