Bouncy Mode

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She is on all fours in the bed, and I am placing myself behind her to start on our next “hands on” session. Hands on because my hands are on her hips. But also hands on because earlier on we had a “theory session.”

I had told her that I wished she could feel what I feel, and in the last of our cuddling phases she went ahead and explained to me how it felt for her when we were one. She explained that in some positions she experiences what she calls the “bouncy mode.” It has two parts. The first part when I push fully inside of her, and the second part when she moves her hips as I am pulling out. Both parts are like a circular motion that bounces back and forth.

I love the sight of her round buttocks, and her beautiful hour glass shaped back. She is opening up her legs just so slightly so that I can find my way into her. The lips of her vulva are blossoming. The blood expands them and they look so beautiful. I place my tip on her entrance and our little dance starts.

As I go in, space warps in a way that Einstein would have a hard time explaining. The tactile senses in my shaft expand and I feel her cushioned walls all around me. It is as if her whole body is now an extension of me. Doggy feels special. Probably because of gravity and the way her organs pull down. But also because of how deep I can go in her.

She is already gasping for air. I am keeping the rhythm. Her moaning is giving her away. Her “Oh fucks” are the sign that something is building up. I move my hands to hold her by the inside of her waist. She starts to arch her back. I know I need to stop and just feel how she will be shaking as she comes.

Here it is, her orgasm. Her spasms grab my manhood and squeeze it randomly. As her back arches up I put my arm under her armpit and around her neck to hold her in a semi vertical position. She is agitated, trying to get her breathing back. After a few seconds I start moving again. Except that this is not doggy anymore, it looks more like a rocket with me holding her up.

We swap places. She is now on top of me. Her beautiful long hair surrounding us. Her mouth pecking kisses on mine. My hands wander across the full extension of her back. Her sexuality is playing with mine and I move my hips to present my offering. She locks the tip of my hard cock at her entrance and waits there.

I can see a hint of her mischievous smile. She moves her arms to pin mine on top of my head. She is in control, and she likes it. Her mouth moves down, but as I try to reach her lips with mine she moves to the side and kisses my neck instead. This girl of mine sure knows how to drive me wild.

She told me earlier that she enjoys looking at the faces I make when she is on top of me. She is in to squeeze all the juices out of me, but she is taking her time. Suddenly she zeroes in for my mouth as she drives my shaft deep inside of her. Our dance starts again.

I can feel the moment building up. We are in bouncy mode again, except that she is the one doing the pushing in now. She tells me that she feels me so big inside of her. I close my eyes and concentrate on building up my peaks of emotion. The first ones arrive driven by the gentle touch of her inner walls on the root of my shaft. She tickles some nerve at the base of my cock with the lips of her vulva. When she hits that spot I feel shivers coming up all of my body. I hear from her moaning that she feels that too. I don’t know how our bodies communicate, but they do.

By now she has freed my hands and I am grabbing her by her waist. Pulling her out of me just to push her back down. She looks down at us and it is a fantastic visual. My shaft standing up and the lips of her vulva moving in and out. A second shiver follows, and then a third.

She has told me that when I am about to come I start moving slightly out of rhythm. And hell yes, she knows I am getting closer. She starts banging herself on my shaft. I move my arms to hold her ribs and the supernova arrives.

I let out a guttural sound as I feel the first load of fluids squirting out of me. She slows down and squeezes the second and third load out. I can hear her laugh and after a small pause she moves up and down to squeeze more out of me, and then again and again.

As we are kissing she tells me:

“I want you to take a picture of our mixed cum as it drips down on me.”

I playfully slap her butt and tell her how kinky she is.

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