Blow Up Doll

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part two: sexual confidence

My morning had been a long time of just sitting and staring at nothing while time passed. Eventually I heard a knock at my door, to be greeted by my very sexy neighbour. Fiona needed to set up a badminton kit at the beach. I helped with stringing the lines and hammering in stakes, while she fussed with the net. She wore a one-piece bathing suit which looked painted on. I was, once again, in a t-shirt and shorts. By midday we were finally able to try out this badminton net with racquets and a birdie. My skill at badminton was clearly lacking but I still enjoyed seeing Fiona leaping around to return my hits.

The mid-week beach is often completely empty except for the occasional local or some driver who stopped to take a break. As it was Wednesday there was no one around. Thursday evening the family trailers would start to arrive. By Friday all the people from farther away would get in and the weekend would be a noisy, crowded jumble of parents and kids. But, for now, Fiona and I had the beach to ourselves. I did notice Fiona brought water with her and yet another squeeze bottle of tanning oil. I got to put oil all over her legs and arms and back which thrilled me to pieces. We were just two people having a bit of fun at the beach.

Fiona expected her friend to get in Thursday evening with the kids. They lived fairly close to the lake in some acreage development outside the city. I told her I could stay away while they were here. She said she would appreciate that. Then she explained how the kids would be going back on Sunday night but her girlfriend and husband planned to stay for the rest of the week. I asked her how she felt about that and she brightly explained how much she liked her friend and how spending time with her was one of her favourite things. I smiled, thinking the conversation was over. But Fiona then grinned with those wide lips before telling me my tongue was one of her newest favourite things too. Her compliment caught me off guard. I wondered how many men had been fortunate enough to enjoy her body the way I had.

I had a policy of never smoking dope on the beach. I was mostly concerned about what it suggested, to people who were visiting, about what kind of place this was. By early afternoon we’d done enough swimming and romping around and sunning ourselves that we packed up and went back to her place. She was more comfortable with me this second day together. We talked about a lot of different things and even spent some time comparing our lives. She was a medical clerk, which meant handling all the paperwork in a clinic. There were two full time clerks and one who was part time to fill in when either of the first were not on duty. I imagined her wearing a smock or hospital greens and dealing with the gawking men who had to talk to her at the counter. I know I would have had a few lustful thoughts about her if I had to visit her clinic. She also talked about how great the other people were. She was living pretty well as a single woman whose career was really getting established so she had no plans to settle down with anyone or get married. She had just accepted a job in a different clinic and was planning on moving into the city near her friend.

She changed out of her swimsuit and into some cut offs and a cotton top. Her hair was tied back when we were at the beach but now it tumbled around her shoulders in a very flirty way. As she made something for us to nibble on she asked if I had any more of that smoke. I told her I could go get some if she wanted. I was pleased to step out for a bit and roll a joint or two for us in my place before changing into jeans and a tank top. When I returned Fiona had laid out a tray of nibbles with guacamole and salsa as dips. I suggested we smoke our weed outside so as not to leave a smell inside the house. She appreciated my concern. It was a lovely afternoon.

Before I knew it we were both losing our minds. We retreated back into the house and rapidly consumed everything she had set out to eat. Then we drank some coffee before she asked me to come upstairs when she called me. I waited downstairs with a growing erection in my pants as I imagined myself being treated to another session of sexual arousal with this spunky woman. Again, I can’t say how long I sat waiting and imagining us fucking in a variety of positions, it just seemed time stopped while I waited for her call. But then it came from the top of the stairs.

I got up too quickly, which caused me to stagger for a step or two. Then I held the railing and climbed the stairs to the bedroom. There, reclining on the bed, wearing a white lace corset, white stockings, and a white thong was my fantasy girl. Fiona was quick to point out how this was not her own outfit but was something her friend wore to please her husband. Her breasts filled the corset like a dance hall floozie showing off her prized possessions. Well, I thought, let the pleasuring begin.

I could not hold back my desire to touch her everywhere. Then she lifted up her knees and opened her legs inviting me to lick her pussy again. I was slightly dizzy from all this excitement but I allowed myself a bit of time while I stripped off my pants and underwear. I had to gather my wits together if I was going to provide what she desired. A bit of her own performance rubbed off on me as I tried harder to anticipate when she was rising toward orgasm before responding with less stimulation or tongue movement. What really got me hot, though, were the authentic little noises she was making while my tongue diddled her center of delights. The thong stayed on but the crotch was pulled to one side so I could nibble and lick her very juicy pussy. I loved to taste her arousal slithering over my tongue.

Any time I lifted my head I was thrilled to see her chin high in the air. I could barely restrain my hands to maintain my concentration on pleasuring her pussy. My cock was so hard I had to be careful how I moved. I never grew tired of feeling her pussy getting ready to come around my fingers. Fiona then found something to do with her hands. She hooked her elbows behind her knees and pulled her legs right back to her shoulders. I had never seen anyone so flexible. Her slender body folded in half which opened up her crotch even more for me to lick her toward heaven. I loved to taste her this way.

Fiona then demanded I put my cock into her.

I wiped my face with a nearby towel before settling on top of her. She was wet and eager to get to the main event. Before I really got into it, she came. I didn’t managed to fuck her for more than a minute before she came. So I stopped fucking and waited for her to compose herself. But she wanted more. In fact a tone emerged in her voice which seemed to imply what she wanted was not just a request, but more of a demand. My neglected cock stayed fully hard and ready while I resumed fucking. It helped to stare down at her tits inside her friend’s satin corset while I listened to her specific instructions, after which I entered her from every useful angle, and kept myself hard for whatever might happen next.

If Fiona ever felt I needed a bit extra stimulation she would gladly work on sucking me for a while. As soon as her lips determined I was hard enough for her to use, more fucking was demanded. This time I managed to fuck her for about four minutes before she came a second time. Shortly afterward she carefully put her ankles on my shoulders and waited for me to resume. It was clear to me this young woman had opened right up, ready to enjoy herself as much as she could. She was no longer trying to please me. She was finally pleasing herself. Sometimes she just stroked her clit with the end of my cock whenever I asked for a little rest break. While I hovered over her, feeling the end of my cock slithering around her labia, I felt caught between coming all over her or going back in for more fucking. I chose fucking. Fiona felt wonderful under me. I wasn’t worried about doing most of the work while she was getting most of the benefits. I had faith the scales would balance out in the end.

I truly hoped this unstoppable woman might… eventually… some… time… soon… in a… little… while… want to change things up. For the rest of that afternoon I was tasked with making her explode again and again. Her last orgasm was the climax of the day. Fiona rode her previous orgasms with increasing confidence so when the final moments arrived she became a squirming, gasping, moaning mess. Once her final orgasm stopped she lay limp and panting under me. Well, a nap was next. Despite my fairly stiff erection, I laid down behind her and wrapped my arms around her chest. My heart rate and hers returned to a normal level just as the two of us fell into a deep sleep.

It was morning when I opened my eyes. Fiona was standing over me in that fantastic corset and stockings outfit. The bedroom had a giant TV set on the wall. Fiona said she had a surprise for me. She crawled into bed beside me as she started some sort of video. I did not know the people but they were staged awkwardly with too much light behind them. A woman was bending down in front of a man laying with his arm behind his head. She was working his cock with her hand. The person holding the video camera moved closer to show exactly what the woman’s hands were doing. I don’t know if Fiona had left the room and come back, or whether she had carefully worked out how long it would take my own cock to respond to this video, but the covers of the bed slid back so she could lay a pair of lotion covered hands on my morning wood. As the woman on the TV continued to work on her man Fiona followed along. Everything the woman did Fiona did right after. She seemed familiar with the video (I was not surprised) but when the woman dropped her open mouth over the man’s steely cock I felt a jolt of recognition arriving at mine.

As I watched the pair on TV, questions started forming in my brain. Not just about who were they, but actually who they were to Fiona. This video was shot by a third person sharing the room with these two orally fixated performers. He fixated on her oral cavity while she gave the camera a very hot performance. It’s very strange to be getting a blow job while watching two other people doing pretty much exactly exactly the same thing. Or, at this point, what Fiona was doing to me. I could not imagine a better way to wake up on a Thursday morning than to have Fiona’s eager mouth working up and down my stiff shaft. Gone was the demanding and defiant woman. Here knelt a different woman who had been waiting for her release from expectations and confining roles. My reward for being her sexual servant for most of the night prior was to accept her as my sexual servant for at least the first part of the day. I heartily agreed before gesturing toward my throbbing tower of power.

The camera settled on a dance between the woman’s mouth and the hard object of its delight. I soon recognized those same slurps and licks being delivered in real time from Fiona’s head. Not a minute later the mouth making me happy began increasing the tease and offering fewer sucking entries. Fiona’s hand moved almost in time with the one on the video while the tip of the tongue on the screen was poking and swiping under the glans where the sensations are the strongest. As if I was re-living a wonderful deja vu what was happening in front of my eyes quickly became what I was feeling between my legs. The position was exactly the same, the pace was impossibly the same, Fiona did to my cock what, only a couple of heartbeats after, I witnessed on the video.

I blinked because my next thought felt like a light had just been turned on in front of my eyes. I mentally squinted as my brain connected two seemingly unrelated events together. When she talked about her friend showing her all the tricks to edge a man’s cock she didn’t mean just letting her watch. It was Fiona behind the camera. She was actually documenting their performance to study on her own. Fiona was showing me her training tape. I could not imagine what favour you can ask a friend to let you capture a command performance of teasing a stiff cock for more than a half hour while being careful not to let him come. Another question formed as to whether the video was her friend’s idea or her husband’s, because he always seemed to be watching Fiona operate the camera whenever it turned toward him. I didn’t want to speculate since the video was being translated into direct action in real time to my cock.

I was too involved in watching the amazing ways Fiona’s friend used her tongue to work up the question which might put a stop to this whole experience. So I swallowed my question unspoken around ten seconds before the friend opened her throat to swallow her husband’s entire length. I nearly choked when I realized I’d been holding my breath watching her lips travel the entire length of his erection; finally coming to a stop at the base of the shaft. I caught a quick glance from the friend across to Fiona who was behind the camera. Perhaps it was a look of pride, a look of concern for Fiona, or pleading for feedback about how long to keep him this deep. Three or four slurps by Fiona at the end of my cock was the length of the interval between seeing her friend take him all the way and sensing Fiona’s mouth forming the intent to do this to me. Something in me panicked when I didn’t exactly know if this was something Fiona already knew how to do. I needed to know before she got too far.

My hand went under her chin to keep her from continuing and she let me drop. I quickly told her she didn’t have to do this just for me. If she didn’t want to I would not be upset. But my answer arrived by a different route. She shook me away and proceeded to expertly slide the curving shaft of my cock entirely into her mouth and partly into her throat. The sensation of her throat around the ridge of my tip pulled psychically on my entire body as I shuddered in response. My god, I thought, I was wrong. She knows exactly what she’s doing. I could have not been any happier to be completely wrong. The humping hips of the husband betrayed his orgasmic release into his wife’s mouth.

Thirty minutes seemed to have gone by in a blur because, for most of it, my brain was sloshing around inside a beaker of slavish devotion mixed with a total body buzz. All while I was matching moments from the video with what Fiona had been doing to my very happy erection. A bit of a light buzz hissed in my ears while I felt my fingers tingling. I was desperately trying to capture more air when Fiona’s final move began which, once it got to my sexual core, she triggered a completely normal response. The first blast went directly into her throat, but the next one was contained within her mouth as she slid me back far enough to breathe through her nose. The third, fourth, and fifth spasms ejected a considerable amount of juice into her bulging mouth until her lips leaked from around the shaft. I fought to keep myself from passing out. But eventually she had my heart working so hard I could not provide the oxygen fast enough to avoid losing consciousness.

All through the weekend Fiona and I played strangers. I didn’t watch them together at the beach and I stayed off the balcony while the family enjoyed their vacation. I should not have been surprised to see a tall and slender woman stepping out of a car to bring the children into the house. The guy getting things from the trunk was well built and sported a short beard. Hipster, I thought. But a hipster with a starlet for a wife. Her figure was similar to Fiona, skinny body and big tits. She was a couple of years older than Fiona, and her face was dramatically more beautiful. This was the guy who agreed to let his wife’s best friend shoot a sex tape of his wife edging him until he could not take it any more.

During the weekend I got busy with things and managed to avoid running into them anywhere in the hamlet. After Sunday the dad drove the kids off to their grandparents’ for the week. He returned fairly early in the morning of Monday because I heard his car arrive around 4:00am. I was curious about what the next week was going to be like. Some time near noon my doorbell rang. Standing on my front step was Fiona with her girlfriend. Fiona had told Penny about how I saved her from heat stroke when she passed out in the yard. I offered them coffee. They stayed a polite length of time as we chatted about the lake, the tourists, and places to see nearby. There was no mention of anything else. Why should there be?

Later that same day a knock on my back door allowed Fiona to have a hasty visit. Not long enough for us to get into anything serious but long enough for her to hatch a plan for us to watch Penny fucking her husband. Whatever it was which kept Fiona’s mind trained on the sexual antics of her girlfriend and husband did not stop me from enjoying her enthusiasm for sharing with me. She would text me if she heard them going at it. I was to meet her at their back door. I made a faint effort to challenge her idea but I wondered whether her demands might turn out to be as thrilling for me as for her. It was the tone she took whenever she had set her mind on something. I promised to be there.

Monday night went undisturbed; I did not get a text. However around two the next afternoon a message came. We snuck up the stairs in our stockinged feet (hers were lovely) and Fiona pointed to the slightly open door from which one could plainly hear two people well into fucking. I took a peek. Yes, they were fucking in the middle of the afternoon. They had very little time to themselves on the best of days. With the kids safely in the care of a trusted elder they could finally enjoy each other’s body the right way. I also noticed the way Penny was grunting in a constant rhythm. She amplified the arrival of Murray’s cock with a gentle grunt each and every time he thrust into her. This must be where Fiona thought she was supposed to make noise. Fiona leaned a bit against me to let me know she was getting hot. I reached over to place her hand onto my stiffening shaft to answer back. We watched together for a little while longer until Penny turned to start a reverse cowgirl and might see us.

Then we scampered off to my place so I could feel her hand on my cock again while I groped her perfect breasts. She trailed me up the stairs with my bobbing cock leading the way. By the time we got to my room she was only in her panties and I was entirely naked. I stood facing the bed with my cock pointing to where I wanted her to be. With a small gesture she consented to kneel on the bed in front of my cock so I might gently push it in and out of her mouth. With my knuckles against my hips I enjoyed her lips gliding along the first half of the shaft. It was heavenly. Her breasts wobbled each time I changed direction which delighted me to the core. When my hips stopped moving Fiona grabbed the shaft hard in order to use her tongue to drive the head of my cock wild. The benefits of letting Fiona call the shots sometimes always seemed to balance out. I felt fortunate and grateful for inviting her into my life. Fortunate for her eagerness and honesty but grateful for all the days when I only needed to make her happy.

In the middle of the week I was invited over for a BBQ so Murray could hear my side of Fiona’s rescue story. I left out all the lustful parts but the essential parts of the story corroborated what he’d heard. When he started clearing up the dishes he leaned forward to ask Fiona if she had fucked me yet. Who was this Murray and why was he so eager to embarrass his wife’s friend? Fiona had changed into a new person since he saw her last, which caused him to stop short his taunting, because Fiona used her full voice (not her girl’s voice) to respond with an affirmative. She’d easily turned the tables on him by calling his bluff. For the rest of the week Fiona spent part of her day with me getting treated like royalty while two doors down her friend was enthusiastically driving her husband to sexual peaks of pleasure.

By the time her friend’s dirty holiday came to an end Fiona had moved into my place and sent for her things. I was so happy to have found this talented and open minded woman at the exact time she was blossoming into a rare flower. I still like to believe I contributed something toward the awakening of this slender woman with the tasty pussy.

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